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  1. Juzuru
    umbral(Del lat. liminaris.) 1. s. m. Pieza o escalón que forma la parte inferior en la puerta o entrada de una casa se sentó en el umbral de su puerta a esperarla. limen 2. Principio de una actividad o proceso ya estamos en el umbral de un nuevo curso. comienzo 3. Límite o término de una cosa su historia está en los umbrales de lo verosímil. filo.
  2. Yotaur
    Plural umbras umbrae (ŭm′brē) The darkest part of a shadow, especially the cone-shaped region of full shadow cast by Earth, the Moon, or another body during an eclipse. In a full lunar eclipse, which generally lasts for one or two hours, the entire disk of the Moon is .
  3. Daigul
    Did You Know? The Latin word umbra ("shade, shadow") has given English a range of words in addition to "umbra" itself. An umbrella can provide us with .
  4. Meztile
    Look up umbral in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Umbral is derived from the Latin umbra, meaning "shadow". It is also the Spanish word for "threshold", and sometimes used as a surname in that language. Umbral may refer to.
  5. Zusida
    The umbra is the dark center portion of a shadow. The Moon's umbra causes total solar eclipses, and the Earth's umbra is involved in total and partial lunar eclipses. The umbra is the darkest type of shadow.
  6. Mikagami
    Umbral. Umbral may be available in the countries listed below. Ingredient matches for Umbral Acetaminophen. Paracetamol is reported as an ingredient of Umbral in the following countries. Ecuador; Important Notice: The xingplifarehdikir.nalixedegenloywachsnabtyakengmepers.co international database is in BETA release.
  7. Shagor
    Rather, he initially has to endure a period in the so-called umbral, a region where less-than-perfect souls face the consequences of their infelicitous actions while alive.
  8. Mazugore
    umbral. m. Parte inferior, contrapuesta al dintel, del vano de una puerta. Entrada, principio de cualquier cosa: el umbral de una nueva era. Valor a partir del cual .

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